Uniform & PE Kit

Uniform is available to purchase at Trustmark, Talbot Green.

The requirement is that all pupils are in full school uniform all of the time.

In years 7 to 11 pupils should wear:

  • A blue polo shirt OR a white shirt with the school tie
  • A blue badged jumper/sweatshirt
  • Black smart trousers OR a knee length black skirt with black tights
  • Plain black footwear

The wearing of trainers or legging style trousers is not permitted. In addition to the above, pupils may choose to wear a school badged hoodie as an outer garment. No other hoodies are permitted.

Our Uniform Policy is reviewed by governors each year and can be found here.

In years 12 & 13 pupils should wear:

  • A white shirt with the sixth form tie
  • A navy badged jumper
  • Black smart trousers OR a knee length skirt with black tights
  • Plain black footwear
P.E. Kit and Expectations

All students in Key Stages 3 and 4 have PE and Games on their timetable. For indoor sports we have a large sports hall, a gymnasium and a fitness suite. Outside we have the MUGA (multi-use games area) with basketball and tennis courts, a full-size grass football pitch and an all-weather 3G surface.

PE Uniform
  • Black/navy shorts, plus black/navy leggings or tracksuit bottoms for outside kit. (Leggings/tracksuit bottoms are an extra for colder weather and shouldn’t be brought instead of shorts)
  • Y Pant logo PE top
  • Blue/black hooded sports jumper (for outdoor activities only)
  • Y Pant rugby shirt for those participating in rugby
  • Y Pant football/rugby socks for games activities, white sports socks for other activities.
  • Football/rugby boots for those participating in football / rugby
  • Sports trainers (appropriate for exercise and physical activity)
  • Shin pads recommended for football/hockey

Please note that no jewellery is to be worn in PE and bobbles must be brought to tie hair back.  

GCSE Physical Education students are expected to wear the correct kit.  They will be given an option to purchase course specific kit once they start the course.

Pupils with injuries or illnesses

If a pupil cannot take a full role with a PE lesson for medical reasons they are required to bring a letter in from a parent/guardian and hand it to the teacher at the start of the lesson.  These pupils are still expected to bring their kit and change with the rest of the class at the start of the lesson unless it has been agreed otherwise through a conversation or email between parent/guardian and staff at the school before the day of the lesson.  This is to enable elements of the lesson to be adapted allowing the pupil to be involved as much as possible. It also allows them to take on roles such as coach or official and they will have clean, dry clothes to change into if it starts raining whilst taking part in an outdoor lesson.

If excused pupils fail to bring their kit, they will be expected to borrow from the PE department and will be referred for lack of equipment.  The only time this wouldn’t apply is in circumstances, such as a broken leg or arm, which would make it too difficult for them to get changed.