Uniform & PE Kit

The requirement is that all pupils are in full school uniform all of the time.

In years 7 to 11 pupils should wear:

  • White school shirt with royal blue and gold school tie alternatively a Y Pant light blue polo shirt with a Y Pant royal blue v-neck jumper available from our approved supplier or pre-loved at the school
  • Black smart trousers OR a knee length black skirt with black tights
  • Plain black footwear

The wearing of legging style trousers is not permitted.

Our Uniform Policy is reviewed by governors each year and can be found here.

In years 12 & 13 pupils should wear:

  • A white shirt with the sixth form tie
  • A navy badged jumper
  • Black smart trousers OR a knee length skirt with black tights
  • Plain black footwear
PE Uniform
  • Black/navy shorts, plus black/navy leggings or tracksuit bottoms for outside kit. (Leggings/tracksuit bottoms are an extra for colder weather and shouldn’t be brought instead of shorts)
  • Navy and light blue sports top
  • Blue/black hooded sports jumper (for outdoor activities only)
  • Royal blue rugby shirt for those participating in rugby
  • Royal blue and white football/rugby socks for games activities, white sports socks for other activities.
  • Football/rugby boots for those participating in football / rugby
  • Sports trainers (appropriate for exercise and physical activity)
  • Shin pads recommended for football/hockey

Please note that no jewellery is to be worn in PE and bobbles must be brought to tie hair back.  

Our current approved supplier is Trustmark in Talbot Green.