Curriculum Summary

Our curriculum through years 7 – 13 is broad, balanced, relevant and differentiated, with its overall purpose being to create ambitious and capable learners who are ready to learn throughout their lives. Our curriculum covers 6 main areas of learning and experience helping to create healthy, confident, enterprising, creative, ethical and informed individuals who are ready to play a full part in life and work.

The 6 Areas of Learning and Experience are:
• Expressive arts
• Health and wellbeing
• Humanities
• Languages, literacy and communication
• Mathematics and numeracy
• Science and technology

Literacy, numeracy and digital competence are developed, and the Welsh dimension considered through all subject areas.
Each subject area has used the statements of what matters, principles of progression and descriptions of learning to inform their planning and curriculum development. Curriculum areas worked backwards from identifying the knowledge and skills that learners need to master in order to progress beyond age 16 and have developed appropriate programmes of study to support this.

Each curriculum area has developed curriculum related expectations that state clearly what is expected of learners at the end of years 7, 8 and 9. Following the introduction
of exam specifications in September 2024 curriculum areas will then develop these curriculum related expectations into years 10 and 11.

Alongside the subject knowledge and skills, each curriculum area will provide appropriate opportunities for learners to develop the cross curricular skills of literacy, numeracy and digital competency and will build authentic opportunities to develop the integral skills which are also central to Curriculum for Wales.

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