All pupils will be given regular homework which will be recorded on the Class Charts student planner system. Class Cahrts can be accessed by parents and pupils via the app. At the start of term all new parents and pupils will be given a log on in which they can view what homework has been set and see whether their child has completed and submitted it.

The school does not have a homework timetable. If your child does not appear to be getting homework please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Head of Progress who will look into it for you.

All pupils should be encouraged to read through what they have learnt in school each evening to ensure they have understood what has been taught. This is particularly important for year 10 and 11 pupils who should use this time to summarise key points into revision notes. Pupils are encouraged to speak to teachers if they do not understand or need to go though anything again.

Pupils should read regularly and widely. Reading should be encouraged, by parents as a way of developing not only literacy skills but as a way of broadening understanding and knowledge. The school recommends that pupils read a range of material from fiction books, to newspapers and magazines each evening in addition to any set homework.