More Able and Talented

At Y Pant we have a "challenge for all" ethos. We seek out activities and opportunities for our more able students in all subject areas and year groups. We also track these opportunities to ensure that appropriate groups of pupils are benefitting and engaging with the activities. Some of the activities on offer are: The Maths Challenge competition Debating The Scholar's Programme - 6 weeks of small-group tutorials with a PhD candidate The Seren Award - 3 online small-group tutorials from the Brilliant Club Visits to Universities such as Bath and Oxford Essay competitions The Life Sciences Challenge Visiting speakers Engagement with the Seren Foundation and Seren Academy programmes with Welsh Government
Students at Oxford University
Y Pant became part of New College, Oxford's Step-Up programme in June 2023. As part of this we will be working with a group of year 11 students over three years to support their aspirations and applications to High Tariff universities.
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