Apply to 6th form now!

Applications for Y Pant 6th Form are now open!

All year 11 students at Y Pant have been interviewed by a senior member of staff to ascertain their preferred subject choices for 6th form study or further education. Careers advice is available upon request.

Our minimum entry requirement is 5 qualifications at grade C or equivalent to include one of English Literature, English Language, Maths or Numeracy. We consider Welsh Baccalaureate as the equivalent to one GCSE.

The move from studying GCSE to AS level is great but is particularly so in certain subject areas. As a result, individual subjects may have additional entry requirements which you will need to have met prior to commencing the course. These are listed in the subjects section of this website.
Subject Entry Requirements

In certain circumstances, pupils who do not meet the listed criteria may be admitted at the school’s discretion.

Next Steps

In late June the final option columns will be published on the website. They will also be emailed to all year 11 students at Y Pant, and to parents and carers, plus to anyone who is not an Y Pant student who has previously contacted us. You do not need to contact us if you have changed your subject choices. However if the revised columns mean that your choices are unavailable please get in touch if you would like further support.

On GCSE Results Day on 22 August we will send a Registration Form to all year 11 students and all non-Y Pant students who have previously applied to us. On this form you will need to select your final subject choices for 6th form. The deadline for completing this form will be Friday 1 September.  Staff will be available in school on 22 August to support you with subject choices.

Students who are not at Y Pant will need to send in proof of GCSE results.

Starting 6th Form

All students who have registered by 1st September will be sent details of the year 12 induction which will take place the following week. The information from the registration form will be used to build your timetable. If you want to make changes to your subjects there will be flexibility to do so within the first few weeks.