School Meals

Students in years 7-11 can purchase food and drinks in Ty Bwyta or Y Pantri before school and during break-times. Sixth form can also choose to eat in their own Caffi Bach which is open until 4 p.m.

As a school we are trying hard to reduce our waste and do not sell bottled drinks. There are a number of water fountains around the school and pupils are encouraged to bring in their own sports bottles to fill up throughout the day.

Students pay for their items using the fingerprint system, and parents can top up their balance by either sending their child in with money or using the online payment system, the link to which is on our homepage. Students who are entitled to free school meals automatically have their accounts topped up each day.

We use the service of Catering Direct for all our meals and snacks. Our Catering Manager Mrs L Tapper is able to answer queries if you have any. Menus offered by Catering Direct fall in line with all Welsh Government guidelines.