Why Choose Us?

Our Sixth Form at Y Pant is small enough for us to get to know each pupil really well but big enough for pupils to experience independence and make new friendships. Our students are supported by a dedicated team consisting of; Head of Sixth Form, Mrs Sara Nowell-Hughes, Assistant Heads of Sixth Form Ms Zoe Savage and Mr Tyler Olds and Assistant Headteacher Ms Lucy Bunce.

students working at a computer

Unlike a college, here you will build up strong relationships with the sixth form team, your teachers and be supported and guided by your form tutor who will meet with you daily. Class sizes, in some areas, are often smaller than at college which means we are able to tailor lessons around individual pupils. From a parent and pupil perspective, sixth form gradually introduces independence to students without the complete freedom that perhaps a college environment offers. Parents often feel out of the loop when pupils attend a large college but here you will be fully informed of progress and attendance throughout the year as regular progress meetings are held between the sixth form teams.

Results are excellent. Over 30% of our students achieved at least 3 A or A* grades in 2023 and all students achieved grades that enabled them to progress to university. Over 80% of our year 13 students progress to university and a growing proportion every year are successfully applying to degree apprenticeships.

Many of our pupils have attended Y Pant throughout their secondary education but occasionally we welcome new pupils to our sixth form from a variety of backgrounds and settings. Joining an established school can be daunting but the Head of Sixth makes every effort to ensure that there is support both academically, pastorally and, most importantly for the student, socially, for this transition to be seamless. We are only able to admit new students into our 6th form who live within our catchment area.  You can check whether your postcode is in our catchment area on the RCT website: https://www.rctcbc.gov.uk/EN/Resident/SchoolsandLearning/Findaschool/Findaschoolinyourcatchmentarea.aspx

At Y Pant we can offer you a Sixth Form experience that is challenging, varied, interesting and rewarding. We have numerous extra-curricular, volunteering and leadership opportunities to ensure your CV stands out from the crowd.