6th Form Courses

We offer a range of A-level and vocational courses at Y Pant. The following courses are being offered this year for 2020 entry. Courses will only run if there is sufficient interest from students. There may be some flexibility in terms of the option columns if students' preferred combinations are not available. All applications made by 28th February 2020 will be used to make the final decision - at which point the final option columns will be published.

We are aware that the option columns are not displaying properly on some Android phones. Please click here to download the option columns if you cannot see the image below.

6th form provisional option columns

All courses offered are at a Level 3 and all carry UCAS points which can be used for university applications. Students are advised to check themselves whether particular courses require particular A-level subjects – but we are happy to answer questions.

All 6th form students are required to study 3 or 4 subjects plus Welsh Baccalaureate. We advise that students only pick 4 subjects if they have already proven, through high GCSE grades, that they can cope with the increased workload, or want to spend the first few weeks of 6th form deciding between subjects. The Welsh Baccalaureate is an important part of the 6th form and also plays a significant role in university applications. This year over 80% of year 13 students have the Welsh Baccalaureate forming part of their university offers.

Course descriptors can be found by clicking the thumbnail images below. If these are not visible please click here to see all subjects.




Computer Science


DT Product Design

English Literature


Further Maths


Government and Politics


Information Technology


Media Studies

Medical Science


Physical Education



Religious Studies





Welsh Baccalaureate