Meet the Staff

Mr W Abdo PE & Pupil Support
Mr P Apperley DT & PE
Mr G Battle Head of Geography
Mr R Bloor Head of PE
Mr S Boldero Mathematics
Mrs F Braund Head of Biology
Mr C Browne Physics & Head of Year 10
Mrs R Browning Head of Psychology
Miss L Bunce Assistant Headteacher
Mrs S Burnell Assistant Headteacher and CPO
Mrs G Button Parental Engagement Officer
Mr M Button Site Support
Mr S Canale DT
Miss S Carroll Food and Health
Mrs K Carter Headteacher’s PA
Dr N Caulfield Head of Chemistry
Mrs B Cayford FHT Technician
Mrs B Cheetham Headteacher
Mrs N Church LRC Manager & Sixth Form Support
Mr J Clayton English
Ms L Cranstone Mathematics & Assistant Head of Year 8
Mr O Crowley ICT/Computing & Assistant Head of Year 9
Mrs C Davey Mathematics
Mrs K Davey Head of ICT & Computing & Associate Assistant Headteacher
Mrs D Davies PE & Assistant Head of Year 7
Mr G Davies Head of Design Technology
Miss G Davies SNSA
Mr I Davies Caretaker
Mrs L Davies Assistant Head of English
Mr M Davies Teacher of Maths
Ms S Donaldson SpLD  Coach
Ms S Dowling Chemistry & Head of Life Skills
Mrs L Duggan Reprographics/Clerical Assistant
Mr I Dyson Deputy Headteacher
Mrs J Dyson Head of English
Mrs K Edwards Well-being and Behaviour Support
Mr K Emery Network Manager
Mr R Evans Business manager
Mrs V Fernandez Head of Spanish
Miss E Finley Biology
Mr R Fisher Head of Mathematics
Mr R Foley Geography & Head of Year 11
Ms S Frederick Head of Welsh & Associate Assistant Headteacher
Mrs N Gallafant English & Head of Year 9
Mr A Gardner Head of Science & Physics
Ms J Gavaghan Head of Business and WBQ
Mrs C Gemine English & Media Studies
Mr M Giles Music
Mr T Gionnatti Numeracy Coach
Mrs J Gold Head of Art
Mrs O Govier Head of Media & Teacher of English
Mrs P Grant Student Support Desk/Clerical Assistant & First Aid
Mr R Harbour Mathematics
Mrs H Harris Art
Mr T Hollamby Science
Mr M Hunt Mathematics
Mr D Hughes Art & DT Technician
Mrs A Ingham History
Mrs S Isaac Basic Skills Coach
Mr J Jenkins Welsh
Mrs A Johnsen Attendance Officer
Mrs E Jones Assistant Head of English
Mr L Jones Geography, Business & Head of Year 8
Dr L Jones Physics
Mrs M Jones English, Head of Y7
Miss N Jones Acting Head of REP
Miss V Knight Food, Health and Textiles
Mr J Kuck Assistant Headteacher
Mrs L Kuck Literacy Coach
Ms A Lewis Teacher of Welsh
Mrs B Lewis ICT & Computing
Mrs G Lewis Head of Food and Health
Mrs R Lewis Head of History
Mr T Lewis Life Skills
Mrs D Llewellyn SNSA
Mrs M Llewellyn Engage Manager
Miss H Martin REP
Mrs K Millard Head of Music
Mr S Mo Site Support
Mr P Molaei Mathematics & Assistant Head of Year 11
Miss K Morgan PE
Mrs K Morris Science Technician
Mr D Mortimer WBQ
Mrs L Mortimer WBQ
Mrs K Munday English
Mr J Nation Mathematics
Miss P Nicholas PE
Mrs S Nowell-Hughes Art & Head of 6th Form
Mr T Olds Maths & Temporary Assistant Head of Sixth Form
Mrs K O’Keefe Spanish and French
Miss S Owen Assistant Head of Mathematics
Mrs M Parker Biology
Mrs R Parry Biology & Assistant Head of Year 10
Miss L Perkins Drama
Mrs J Pick SNSA
Ms M Perry Engage Coach
Mr J Pollock Chemistry
Mrs A Rees Receptionist/Reprographics
Ms J Rhodes SNSA
Mrs K Regan Chemistry
Miss L Roberts Drama & Head of Performing Arts
Mrs S Rose Head of French
Ms Z Savage Welsh
Mrs H Short Parental Engagement Officer
Mr C Soroko PE
Mis L Stimpson History
Mrs N Stone Assistant ALNCO & Business
Mrs D Taylor Exams Officer
Mrs J Thomas Attendance Officer
Mr J Thomas Science Technician
Miss G Timakova Science
Mr J Wall Assistant Headteacher
Mrs J Waring Welsh & Assistant Head of Sixth Form
Mrs A Williams SNSA
Mrs J Williams English
Mr J Windle Design Technology
Mrs N Wynne Jones Learning Support Coordinator
Mrs Z Yearsley Data Officer
Mr R Young Assistant Headteacher / ALNCo