Meet The Staff

Forename Surrname Subject
Mr W ABDO Teacher of PE & Life Skills
Mrs C ARNOLD Teacher of Welsh
Mr G BATTLE Head of Geography
Mr C BECKETT Teacher of Design & Technology / Temporary Assistant Head of Year 7
Mr S BOLDERO Teacher of Maths
Ms F BRAUND Teacher of Science / Biology
Mr C BROWNE Teacher of Science / Physics & Head of Year 7
Mrs R BROWNING Head of Psychology
Ms L BUNCE Assistant Headteacher
Mrs S BURNELL Assistant Headteacher 
Mrs N BUTLER Teacher of History and Life Skills
Dr N CAULFIELD Teacher of Science / Chemistry & Head of Year 10
Ms S CLEMENT Teacher of English
Mrs L CRANSTONE Teacher of Maths
Mr O CROWLEY Teacher of Computing & ICT
Mrs K DAVEY Head of Computing & ICT
Ms C DAVEY Teacher of Maths
Mrs K DAVID Head of PE
Mr A DAVIES Assistant Headteacher
Mr D DAVIES Teacher of PE
Mr G DAVIES Head of Technology
Mrs L DAVIES Assistant Head of English
Mrs R DAVIES Teacher of Science / Biology
Mrs L DEVEY Teacher of Maths
Mrs S DOWLING Head of Life Skills & Teacher of Science / Chemistry 
Mr I DYSON Deputy Headteacher
Mrs J DYSON Head of English
Mr R EVANS Business and Finance Manager
Snr V FERNANDEZ Head of Spanish
Ms E FINLEY Teacher of Science / Biology
Mr R FISHER Head of Maths
Mr R FOLEY Teacher of Geography, Travel and Tourism & Head of Year 8
Dr S FORD Head of Chemistry & Teacher of Science
Mr M FINCH Estates and Lettings Manager
Mrs N GALLAFANT Teacher of English & Head of Year 10
Mr A GARDNER Head of Physics & Teacher of Science
Miss J GAVAGHAN Head of Business & WBQ
Mrs J GOLD Head of Art
Mrs D GRAVES Head of R.E.
Mr R HARBOUR Teacher of Maths
Mrs H HARRIS Teacher of Art
Mr M HICKS Teacher of Maths
Miss R HODNETT Teacher of History, Government and Politics, & Temporary Assistant Head of Year 8
Mrs A INGHAM Teacher of History
Mrs E JOHNS Teacher of Design & Technology
Mrs E JONES Assistant Head of English & Teacher of Media
Mr L JONES Teacher of Geography, Business & Assistant Head of Yr 10
Dr L JONES Teacher of Science / Physics & Head of Yr 9
Miss M JONES Teacher of English & Assistant Head of Year 9
Miss N JONES Teacher of REP
Mrs M KELLY Teacher of Welsh
Miss V KNIGHT Teacher of Food Health & Textiles
Mr J KUCK Assistant Headteacher
Miss G LEWIS Teacher of Food Health & Textiles, WBQ & Assistant Head of Year 8
Mrs H LLOYD Head of Food Health & Textiles
Mt J MANUEL Teacher of Maths
Mrs P MICKELSEN Teacher of English
Miss O MILLS Head of Media Studies & Teacher of English
Mrs E MITCHELL Head of Science / Biology
Mr I MITCHELL Head of Welsh
Mr P MOLLAEI Teacher of Maths
Miss K MORGAN Teacher of P.E.
Mr D MORTIMER Teacher of WBQ & Science
Mrs L MORTIMER Teacher of WBQ & PE
Miss K MUNDAY Teacher of English & Assistant Head of Sixth Form
Mr J NORTON Teacher of English
Mrs S NOWELL-HUGHES Teacher of Art & Head of Sixth Form
Miss K O’KEEFE Teacher of Spanish
Miss S OWEN Assistant Head of Maths
Mrs S PADFIELD Teacher of Science / Chemistry
Mrs L PARKER Teacher of WBQ, Technology & Travel and Tourism
Mrs M PARKER Teacher of Science / Biology
Miss K PREENE Teacher of Welsh
Miss L ROBERTS Head of Performing Arts & Teacher of Drama
Mrs S ROSE Head of French
Mr C SOROKO Teacher of PE
Mrs N STONE Teacher of ALN & Assistant Head of Year 10
Mr P SWEET Head of History
Mr M THOMAS Teacher of Music & Assistant Head of Yr 11
Ms A TODD-PARRISH Teacher of Music & Drama
Mr R YOUNG Assistant Headteacher