We work hard to ensure we get things right but recognise that sometimes things do go wrong. When this happens we ask that you contact us to discuss the matter.

In the first instance you should contact the Progress Team responsible for you child via the address below.

Year 7 – Mrs Johns and Mrs Stone

Year 8 – Dr Jones and Mr Thomas

Year 9 – Mr Browne and Mr Jones

Year 10 – Mr Foley and Miss Dowling

Year 11 – Mrs Gallafant and Mrs Burnell

Sixth Form – Mrs Nowell Hughes and Dr Caulfield

If you would like to meet with the progress team then please arrange a meeting in advance. Due to teaching commitments the school cannot accommodate parents who turn up without a prearranged appointment.

The Progress Teams can usually help with any concerns or complaints a parent has. However if this isn’t the case a copy of our Complaint Procedure can be found here.